The need to make has led to a development of practice that on first impressions may seem restricted. By putting in place structures with which to create this has allowed more freedom for a creative response.

Once described as like binding your hands to find the most creative escape.

Spray's work develops through long running projects that bring together his engagement with landscape, poetry, literature and the human experience.

Exhibitions of solo collections have taken place in galleries, museums, cathedrals and even a walled garden. Work has also been shown at art fairs from London to Singapore and New York. His work has also been included in exhibitions as an invited artist. 

Mark has curated shows presenting other artists works to engage an audience with the experience of contemporary practice, in locations from fish processing warehouses to gallery venues.

His involvement with art education in various forms continues.

Currently he is working on a number of long running projects.

‘Whispers from printed forms, walking to listen and learn from nature, solitude to create from the heart.’


Photography Steve Tanner.