This page will be developed in the coming months, we get a lot of requests for interviews in various forms. If you do have any questions Mark is always happy to help where he can. However a lot of the questions are often searching for the same information, this page will become a FAQ's page (frequently asked questions) we dislike that term and feel it should be more organic than a list of responses and therefore is called Thoughts, it will no doubt include some unusual questions that we find thought provoking, alarming or funny. Over time the questions that have been asked have changed and Mark sees this continuing, this page will reflect that change and the shift which occurs with each step and project that is realised.

In the mean time and before this becomes a more useful resource if you have any questions please do get in touch, we always welcome the interest and the more searching the questions the better. Your question(s) might even end up being featured here, with your approval.