Commission painting for the Winchester College collection created as part of the artist in residence during the autumn of 2016.


Between me and the blessed rain. 

 The painting is part of an ongoing project which was developed during the residency and continues with a long preoccupation with a number of elements, specifically for this painting the landscape surrounding Old Winchester Hill. This forms part of the one hundred mile walk along the South Downs from Winchester to Eastbourne. 
The entire collection weaves together this landscape, my own experience and a dialogue with the poetry of Edward Thomas who spent much of his life in the landscape of the South Downs.  
The title for the commission painting ‘Between me and the blessed rain’ comes directly from Edward Thomas's poem 'Go now’.

Edward Thomas
'Go now’
Like the touch of rain she was 
On a Man’s flesh and hair and eyes 
When the joy of the walking 
Has taken him by surprise:

 With the love of the storm he burns, 
He sings, he laughs, well I know how, 
But forgets when he returns
As I shall not forget her ‘Go now’.

 These two words shut the door 
Between me and the blessed rain 
That was never shut before 
And will not open again. 

The painting is now hanging at the entrance to the Winchester College library.